Deadly Haste (Buff)

Deadly Haste

This skill is just plain poorly designed and takes too much into critical strikes to be effective even slightly:

Change functionality too:

Stance. For 5..10..12 seconds, you move 33% faster and your next attack skill activates 33% faster if that foe is not moving.

5 Tango-energy 15 Tango-recharge-darker

Malicious Strike (Buff)

Malicious Strike

Overall just an unneeded effect since ax-assins are trash, scythe sins use Way of the Master, Dagger criticals suck and all other critical sins either suck or use long ranged weapons.

Change functionality too:

Dual Attack. Must follow an off-hand attack. If target foe is suffering from a condition, that foe is knocked down.

Move to Dagger Mastery.

5 Tango-energy 12 Tango-recharge-darker

Palm Strike (Buff)

Palm Strike

The after cast is one of many reasons this is not used. It is a very slow and weak way to skip a lead attack and takes up your elite slot.

Change functionality too:

Must follow a dual attack. Target foe takes 20...90 damage and suffers from a deep wound.

5 Tango-energy 1/4 Tango-activation-darker 12 Tango-recharge-darker

Seeping Wound (Buff)

Seeping Wound

It's elite bleeding/poison and countered by mending.

Change functionality too:

Enchantment Spell. Your attacks skills deal +1...22 damage against foes suffering from bleeding or deep wound for 20 seconds.

10 Tango-energy 30 Tango-recharge-darker

Tango-energy Tango-activation-darker Tango-recharge-darker

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