Concept 1: Critical Strikes makes you gain energy, Expertise makes it run out slower

Sounds really obvious, however some people don't get it. With critical strikes, if you have 0 energy, and you get a critical hit, you are going to gain energy back. With Expertise, if you have 0 energy, and you use a skill, you get a "Not enough energy" message.

Concept 2: Blocking for the sake of blocking is useless in an offensive build

Taking whirling defense is an example of this. If you go Ranger primary to try to be more defensive, you are only weakening yourself offensively. Escape Scythe Rangers do not take Escape and Lightning reflexes for the defense, the defense is only extra. Escape provides nearly constant IMS, and Lightning reflexes is the best IAS available to that build (+33%).

Concept 3: Critical Strikes has better skills than Expertise

Critical strikes is home to skills such as Assassin's Remedy, Critical Eye, Way of the Master, Dark Apostasy and more. Expertise has lightning reflexes. Blind Immunity, Infinite energy, high critical hit percentages, and enchantment removal built into combos is much better than IAS + Blocking. Only Assassins can get those things. Also keep in mind, Assassin primary has their secondary profession free, so they can go into Warrior/Derv/Ranger for IAS if needed.


If you see a build that displays these qualities, type {{User:The Gates Assassin/Dagger Failure}} to make this appear:

Stop Hand
There has been a Primary Failure
This build's primary profession is Ranger, but it utilizes Assassin attack skills. This is an ineffective concept.

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