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Arrow Blast Moon
"Dshot isn't a skill, IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!"

She is my youngest character by far. Anyways, i normaly don't play my ranger but when i do it just for low end pvp like ab/ra thats about it. No she never used anything but a bow, yes i do plan on making her multi weapon bars, no not dagger bars either.

Red thumbs down Prophecies
Red thumbs down Factions
Red thumbs down Nightfall
Green thumbs up EoTN
Equipment Titles
  • Asuran Longbow Bow
  • Bow of the Kinslayer
  • R7 Kurz
  • R8 Luxon
  • R2 Glad
  • R5 Hero
  • R2 Treasure Hunter
  • R5 Norn
  • R2 Zaishen
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