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Profession Confused
"My bot is my brain!"

I <3 playing my mesmer in HA and GvG but latly its very difficult with my really bad computer, my good one broke so ive been stuck with a crappy labtop. But when its running relativly good, i can rupt like no tomorrow.

Red thumbs down Prophecies
Red thumbs down Factions
Red thumbs down Nightfall
Red thumbs down EoTN
Equipment Titles
  • Tormented 40/40 dom set
  • Celestial Inspiration compass (working on a frog scepter to go with it for 40/40 set)

  • R7 Kurz
  • R8 Luxon
  • R2 Glad
  • R5 Hero
  • R2 Treasure Hunter
  • R2 Zaishen
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