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Super Saiyen Moon
"My daggers fly though the shadows!"

I really only high end pvp with my assassin now, the most i do now is gvg sin split WC shock ganker, cause A. its fun and B. it makes me laugh at flaggers xD

Red thumbs down Prophecies
Red thumbs down Factions
Red thumbs down Nightfall
Red thumbs down EoTN
Equipment Titles
  • Vampiric Stilletos
  • Zealous Ancient Daggers
  • Furious Greater Guardian Spear and Auruente Sheild
  • Dragon Kamas of Fortitude
  • R7 Kurz
  • R8 Luxon
  • R2 Glad
  • R5 Hero
  • R2 Treasure Hunter
  • R2 Zaishen
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