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Trapping Moons Love
"The pink, IT BURNS!!!"

This was my first character created and yes she is very pink i realize this. She is also my only character to own chaos gloves and was the first one to recieve a tormented weapon, currently im working on more tormented weapons for her (axe, sword, shield, bow, spear) stuff like that. She is also the character i play the most across all types of pvp because i <3 warriors. Her Current build for pve is

Backbreaker Renewing Smash Pulverizing Smash Mighty Blow Auspicious Blow &quot;For Great Justice!&quot; Flail Enraging Charge


Hundred Blades Sever Artery Gash Whirlwind Attack Sun and Moon Slash &quot;For Great Justice!&quot; &quot;Save Yourselves!&quot; Flail


Dismember Power Attack Protector&#039;s Strike Counterattack Furious Axe Asuran Scan Burst of Aggression Warrior&#039;s Endurance


Jagged Strike Fox Fangs Death Blossom Brawling Headbutt Falling Lotus Strike Dash Flail Warrior&#039;s Endurance
Green thumbs up Prophecies
Green thumbs up Factions
Green thumbs up Nightfall
Green thumbs up EoTN
Equipment Titles
  • Destroyer Hammer
  • Mursaat Maul (BMP)
  • Tormented Maul
  • Wingcrest Maul
  • Twin Hammer
  • Tesubo Hammer
  • Bronze Crusher
  • Desolation Maul
  • Pyroclastic Axe
  • Stygian Reaver
  • Tormented Axe
  • Chaos Axe
  • Gothic Dual Axe
  • Runic Blade
  • Murakai's Blade
  • Vertebreaker
  • Fellblade
  • Serrated Spear
  • Storm Bow
  • 40/20/20 prot staff (for enchanting only)
  • Darkwing Defender
  • Droknar's Scythe
  • Ceremonial Daggers
  • Tormented Shield
  • R7 Kurz
  • R8 Luxon
  • R2 Glad
  • R5 Hero
  • R2 Treasure Hunter
  • R7 all EoTN reps
  • R8 SS
  • R7 LB
  • R2 Zaishen
  • Hapless
  • Protector of Elona
  • Protector of Tyria
  • Protector of Cantha
  • Guardian of Cantha
  • Tyrian Elite Skill Hunter
  • Canthan Elite Skill Hunter
  • Elonian Elite Skill Hunter
  • Legendary Skill Hunter
  • King Of A Big Deal
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