Muddy Runner

<pvxbig> [build prof=A/R Shadow=12+1+2 Wilderness=11 Mark=6][Caltrops][Hidden Caltrops][Needling Shot][Snare][Muddy Terrain][Spirit Walk][Death's Retreat][Return][/build] </pvxbig> <pvxBig>*slow down everyone so that enemy speed boosts suck.

  • use [[caltrops@15] to cripple closer foes, so that in essence you go faster.
  • Lay down [[Snare@11] for more enemy aggravation
  • Use [[hidden caltrops@15], and then [[Needling shot@6] to inflict damage and crippled.
  • Hidden Caltrops provides cripple at greater range, but you shouldn't use Needling shot if you don't have to attack at all. the damage hidden does will indicate that its already been activated, saving you time by not attacking.
  • use your shadow steps to quickly get back to the flag
  • make sure that your [[muddy terrain@11] is close to the flag so you can get to it easily
  • Substitute in [[Tripwire@11] instead of Snare for KD and damage.
  • made for Guild of Deals Runner Contest.</pvxBig>
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