Voidwalker Soldier's Fury
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Europe 70x40 This user plays for the territory of Europe.
Faction (Kurzick) This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

This user is primarily a PvE player.

1 This user plays Campaign One, Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.

E This user plays the Expansion, Guild Wars Eye of the North.
Paragon-icon This user is a Paragon by nature.

Quiz results

You scored as a Paragon: You are a Paragon. You are the commanding person in a battle, you motivate your friends and tend to stay on a distance from the battle.

You scored as a Kurzick: When the Jade Wind swept through the branches of Echovald Forest, it turned everything to stone. Now, two centuries later, life has cautiously returned. The Kurzicks were the first to venture back to the forest. There they have adapted to their petrified surroundings and have begun to carve their culture into this new landscape.

You scored as an Ascalonian: Your will and heart are strong, much like the people of Ascalon. You have endured great hardship, but you remain steadfast and true. You persist in the face of opposition, for you know that your strength of will shall carry you through.

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