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Black Mantis Thrust recharge to 6 seconds.

Fox Fangs recharge to 4 seconds.

Jagged Strike recharge to 4 seconds.

Repeating Strike - 10 Energy. 20 Recharge 3/4s Cast. Skill. Your next Lead Attack strikes twice, that lead attack takes 50..25..10% longer to recharge.

Temple Strike - inflicts Deep Wound, Blind AND Daze. Energy to 10.

Assassin's Promise - 5 Energy. 20 Recharge 1s Cast. Elite Hex Spell - For 2..5..7 seconds, your dagger attacks against target foe steal 5..13..16 health. If target foe is still alive when this hex expires, you lose half the health you stole.

Mark of Insecurity - 5 Energy. 20 Recharge 1s Cast. Elite Hex Spell - For 2..7..9 seconds target foe cannot enter a stance and if they attempt to, they are knocked down. Ends after target foe suffers from a knockdown.

Dark Escape - Ends if you successfully hit with an attack or cast a spell.

Seeping Wound - 5 energy 20 recharge 1/4s Cast. Elite Hex Spell - For 4..8..9 seconds target foe suffers 2..5..6 health degeneration whilst suffering from a condition, this hex is reapplied whenever you land a dual attack on that foe.

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