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Survivor Tips

Going for survivor? My suggestion to you is to start with a paragon or a monk. Paragons are great survivors due to their high armor and ranged attacks. They can stand back and if anything gets through your frontliners, your high armor will protect you from a lot of damage. Paragons also have a lot of survival buffs such as TNTF.

Monks are also a good choice since they don't need to attack, meaning you get less aggro. They have plenty of skills to protect them if they do get into trouble.

My suggestion for leveling is to concentrate on getting to level ten as soon as possible and head straight for eye of the north. get yourself a run to Gunnar's Hold and start with Kilroy's punchout quests. do the repeatable Fronis Irontoe solo dungeon as your main means of gaining exp. I would suggest stocking up on 10 minute double xp scrolls to speed things along. Scrolls of the lightbringer are even better but cost a lot more.

The reason Fronis' dungeon is so great for survivors is because dying in that dungeon doesn't count as a death unless you can't hit "Stand up!" to get your energy back up. To prevent death set keybinds so that keys 8, 9 and 0 activate skill 8. This makes it so that you can mash 3 buttons to regain your energy instead of just 1.

My last suggestion is to finish the quest The Throwdown in a Norn Town to receive a pair of brass knuckles that you can mod. putting a furious and a shelter mod on the knuckles gives you more adrenaline to spam attacks and buffs your defense a little.

HM tips

HM shouldn't be a big problem until you hit room 5 (big circle of dwarves). At this point you will want to pull the first three to where you entered the room, this makes it so that once the green dwarves turn hostile you won't immediately aggro. By using this method you will only have to take on one or two at a time instead of 3. The real secret to success is the keybinds. It is extremely important to have 3 buttons to mash stand up with instead of one.

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