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im lazy, cba to recreate.
*[[User:Wingsy/nab|Me/Mo Lyssas Aura Scourge (AB/RA)]] I like it.
*[[User:Wingsy/necro|N/A Random Vamp Spirit]] It appears bad, but makes me lol to play it.
*[[User:Wingsy/charging_warrior|Charging Warrior Build, Rough Template for AB]]
*[[User:Smity_Smitington/SoJ_Warrior|Looks like RA Trolling]]
Note to self:
[build prof=Mo/W hea=12 pro=2 div=10 tac=8][Bonetti's Defense][Word of Healing][Patient Spirit][Draw Conditions][Vigorous Spirit][Spotless Mind][Contemplation of Purity][Dolyak Signet][/build]

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