Builds that you post for fun

Please do not post a build that you know will not be vetted well, such as a build that is designed to make you lose a Guild Battle or a Warrior with Meteor Shower. If you want to post these builds, then post them on your userpage, or put it in the format of User:Your_Username/Build:1st Prof/2nd Prof Title of Build, but replace Your_Username, 1st Prof, 2nd Prof, and Title of Build with the respective titles. For example, User:I_Am_Jebus/Build:W/E Meteor Shower Tank.

Builds That Are Already On PvX

Please do not post a build that is already on PvXwiki, as it can waste the time of our members, by commenting on a build that is already there. Sometimes it is hard to find a build similar to yours, so you may post a build thinking that there is not a build like it, when in reality it is. The only solution to this is a detailed search. There are also mistakes relating to what to search.

  • For example, you want to make a build utilizing Steady Stance and Drunken Blow with its Prophecies duplicate, Desperation Blow. You search up "I Am A Drunken Killer". This is not a good thing to search up because it is not a good title.
  • This time, you search up "Drunken Desperation Warrior". This is a better title. Because you did not get an article with the exact name match, you go ahead and create the build. This is not good because there could be results with a different name very similar to what you want to make.
  • Now you search up "Drunken Desperation Warrior" again, and find that the first few results have all been archived. You go ahead and create the build. This is not good because if a build is archived, it is archived for a reason. You should find out the cause of the archive.
  • The right way is to search up "Drunken Desperation Warrior" and find out the cause of the archives. You find that they were archived because of a Steady Stance nerf, a Nightfall release, and a replacement build. The third one is the only one important one to you. You find the replacement build, Build:W/D Steady Stance Warrior. It recieved a Great rating, so there is no need to create your build.


The exception to this is when you find a build, but strongly think that your build is superior to the current build. If the PvX community agrees, your build will be replacing the old build, and the old build will be archived.

Builds That are Impossible To Make

  • Please do not make builds with more than two professions, like a E/Me/N build. It is impossible for players to recieve a tertiary profession.
  • Please do not make builds with more than one Elite Skill.
  • Please do not make builds in which the attribute points are impossible to achieve. For a list of attribute points and the optimal efficiency of attribute point placing, go to Attribute point spending.
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