Monk/Para Healer

Cuz I wanted sum synergy. Prots use enchants, so a healer normally doesn't (except vig spirit) so I added sig of synergy instead. The extra signet healing 176 points every ten seconds is great for energy management. This build is inferior to most Mo/W and Mo/A builds in PvP, but I've always liked using it on heroes in PvE cuz of how fast they drain their blue bars without a ton of E-Management. <pvxbig> [build prof=Monk/P HealingPrayers=12+1+1 Motivation=12 DivineFavor=3+1][Signet of Synergy][Word of Healing][Signet of Rejuvenation][Optional][Optional][Optional][Optional][optional][/build]

Monk-icon-small / Paragon-icon-small

  • Aria of Restoration [[Aria of Restoration@12]
  • Remedy Signet [[Remedy Signet@0]
  • Patient Spirit [[Patient Spirit@14]
  • Cure Hex [[Cure Hex@14]
  • Holy Veil [[Holy Veil@0]
  • Remove Hex [[Remove Hex@0]

Drop Motivation to 9 and Divine Favor for Prot 9+1

  • Guardian [[Guardian@10]
  • Mend Condition [[Mend Condition@10]
  • Mend Ailment [[Mend Ailment@10]
  • Mending Touch [[Mending Touch@10]
  • Other Prots

And can grab a Rez too

  • Resurrection Signet [[Resurrection Signet@0]
  • Signet of Return [[Signet of Return@0]


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