This team is designed for PvE Lawling. Choose an area such as DoA, UW, FoW, Dungeons, HM zones, or any other area and lol pve.

6 Wammoz

These guys do craploads of damage and interrupt everything, so the enemy cant hurt you or even help themselves <pvxbig> [build prof=w/x hammer=12+2 strength=12+1+1][crude swing][whirlwind attack][optional][optional][optional][for great justice][Dwarven Battle Stance][dwarven stability][/build] Optional Optional slots for:

  • The Yeti Combo: Provides AoE Knockdowns.
  • &quot;You Are All Weaklings!&quot; [["You Are All Weaklings!"]
  • Yeti Smash [[Yeti Smash@14]
  • Crushing Blow [[Crushing Blow@14]
  • The Brawling Combo: For better energy management and Knockdown.
  • Brawling Headbutt [[Brawling Headbutt]
  • Renewing Smash [[Renewing Smash@14]
  • Pulverizing Smash [[Pulverizing Smash@14]
  • The Auspicious Combo: For better energy management.


2 Monks

These guys keep ur team alive against the tiny amount of damage that will ever get through.

  • 1 Protection Monk Monk-icon-small/Mesmer-icon-small
Spirit Bond Reversal of Fortune Restore Condition Guardian Shield of Absorption Holy Veil Optional Optional
Spirit Bond Aegis Life Sheath Guardian Shield of Absorption Holy Veil Optional Optional
  • 1 UA Healer/Rezzer Monk-icon-small/Asterisk
Unyielding Aura Patient Spirit Dwayna&#039;s Kiss Cure Hex Heal Party Healing Seed Seed of Life Selfless Spirit
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