question: Why is Double Dragon so popular?

answer: probably because people use it more to boost their fire attribute to 20, which can be done with a base fire stat of 15 and generally the boost in damage over time makes up for lacking a different elite. To be honest, it is also (unfortunately) the best Fire elite for anyone without the Nightfall campaign. The real question is why the rest of their builds suck so much...

As for the other builds, the BiP necro and the SS necro at least have the main skills of a Cryway Deep group, but some of the other builds are just laughable (that monk should really stop reading the box and making Hamstorm equivalents...). I've also never understood the fascination some people have with Firestorm - lots of damage, yes, but you need to keep the target in ADJACENT range, which is tiny, and nobody ever seems to bring snares. A couple of those tanks could probably make it, and I can only imagine Wastrels Collapse was a mistake and Light of Deldrimor may have been a forgotten add-on from tanking a dungeon (the rest of those builds seem at least somewhat sound tanking builds). Still, if you're too incompetent to load/set the right build, you maybe shouldn't be playing the Deep. --Falseprophet 18:24, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

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