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My vote on ur build.

Death nova is a poor skill in PvP generally, it requiers someone to die wich is what every player fights against, to surviving, and since you only can use it on your allies you are already fighting the idea of PvP while doing that, instead you could have taken a healer positioning working on keeping them alive and thereby increase the dmg dealt. Other way to use death nova is to use it on minions, so you have to trust your teammates killing stuffs, wich genneraly is unefficiant since the PvP aint orginised at all, sure, people will die after a while, but when a enemy die, your putrid might trigger and do 81 dmg, you use animate bone minions, they die and explode with death nova, thats 190dmg AoE. If it only hit 1 target it does 271 dmg, with the possibility that the minions might have hitted something while beeing alive or wanding. Maybe hit more then one but im not counting that in now. Instead of doing that skill you could have brought searing heat/tenais, same skill slots, unconditional AoE dmg, more relyable, less relying on teammates in unorginised form of PvP, and it would resault in about the same dmg, possible a little less. Taste of death is a skill wich you use to keep yourself alive and kill your minions, it achives what it is supposed to, however you have dedicated 3 skills for just triggering death nova wich isen't optimal. Animate bone minions also work as a e-mangement wich is the nice thing about it, since your soul reaping is high, but then you have dedicated our elite skill and another one to work as energy management, without any way to use it. Hexer's vigor is.. its working for self heal, don't heal to much, but keeps you alive. Rising bile is awesome for pressure, its AoE and cheap, another hex to worry about for opposing team. Reapers mark ain't so good at all of what i think, speccialy in this form of PvP, reapers mark is supposed to work as a e-management here, but you already have bone minions that is more then enough alone, its basicly just 5 degen, with a long recharge, other elites could have been used wich gives more efficiency. In hex heavy builds reaper's is better, but ten again this is a unorginised form of PvP. Putrid bile is also a weak skill of what i belive, it also relies on people to die, someone to do the work for you and resault in minor AoE dmg. 3 Skills can cover all this build in dmg, Savvanah heat, tenai's, searing heat. It would resault in more dmg, less standing and wait for people to die, can kill stuffs on its own. Anyone wanna read? Fishels[슴Mc슴]Mootles 06:53, 19 March 2008 (EDT)

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