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THIS IS HOW I PWN ON GUILD WARS!!! - A must watch for all Guild Wars players, you might learn something... --Icedearth2Talk

Necromancer build designed to spread AIDS and provide strong pressure while being usable as a split threat.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=N/any Blood=12+1+1 soulre=9+1 Curses=9][Optional][Faintheartedness][Life Siphon][Oppressive Gaze][Barbed Signet][Angorodon's Gaze][Strip Enchantment][Res Sig][/build]


  • [["You're All Alone!"]
  • [[Empathic Removal]
  • [[Expel Hexes]
  • [[Icy Veins@13]
  • [["It's Just a Flesh Wound."@3]
  • [[Spoil Victor@14]
  • [[Weaken Knees]
  • [[Victory is Mine@10] in RA
  • [[Blood of the Aggressor] for Faint</pvxbig>



  • 5x Tormentor's/Undertaker's Insignia
  • Superior Vigor
  • Restoration
  • Minor Soul Reaping
  • Minor Blood
  • Vitae


  • Barbed Spear of Defense, 10% recharge
  • Blood Focus of Aptitude, 20% recharge
  • Crippling Spear of Defense, +5 energy (substitute high set weapon for YAA)
  • Blood Focus of Fortitude, +15/-1 energy
  • Barbed Spear of Defense, +5 energy
  • Strength Shield of Fortitude, -20% cripple
  • Strength Shields of Fortitude, +10 armor vs each damage type


  • Maintain Barbed Signet for bleeding spam and req for energy gain from Angorodon's Gaze
  • Use Life Siphon to spread health degen on backlines.
  • Use Strip Enchantment & Blood of the Aggressor as a spike support.
  • Use Oppressive Gaze for AIDS spam
  • If equipped, use YAA as a defensive snare + weakness when 8v8 and offensively on split.
  • If equipped, use Icy Veins as a spike skill.


  • Flesh of My Flesh for Resurrection Signet.
  • Enfeeble for Blood of Aggressor or Faint
  • 10 Tactics and 8+1 Soul Reaping to match Tactics shield spec.
  • Victory is Mine in RA Blood 12+1+1 10 Tactics 8+1 Soul Reaping


  • General Anti-Caster.
  • Interrupts.

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