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A Poisonous Interrupter utilizes the Apply Poison skill with two interruption skills. It's a double whammy, with the poison degen and your foe's disability to use skills. If you time it right, you will be a formidable foe. This build uses high Marksmanship and Expertise to use Punishing Shot and Distracting Shot.

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=R/any name"Poisonous Interrupter" expertise=10+1 Wilderness=10 marksmanship=11+1][Punishing Shot][Distracting Shot][Point Blank Shot][Apply Poison][Pin Down][Lightning Reflexes][Troll Unguen][Resurrection Signet] [/build] </pvxbig>


This equipment is for PvP chars only.

  • Poisonous Shortbow of Fortitude (+20hp) Inscription: "I have the

power!" (Energy +5)

  • Archer Mask (Radiant Insignia, Rune of Attunement)
  • Vest (Survivor Insignia, Rune of Minor Expertise
  • Gloves (Survivor Insignia, Rune of Attunement)
  • Legs (Survivor Insignia, Rune of Minor/Major Vigor)
  • Feet (Radiant Insignia, Rune of Attunement)


  • Use Apply Poison before you start any fighting, but do before the fight to prevent lost time.
  • Try to choose a big caster, and when they cast their spells and skills, use Punishing Shot and Distracting Shot on the skills.
  • Use Point Blank Shot to lower health as needed, waiting for Punishing Shot and Disrupting Shot to recharge.
  • Reapply Poison as needed.
  • If they team you, use Lightning Reflexes to prevent attacks, and run away while you can. Heal with Troll Unguent.
  • If any of your targets want to run away, use Pin Down to keep them at bay, then Point Blank Shot to do damage, and interrupt as normal with the poison.


Ether, Backfire, Any skills that do damage to attacking foes. Be careful with the mesmers.


Lightning Reflexes can be replaced with Dodge and Whirling Defense.


Special Thanks to Roselan at Guild Wars Guru Forums for making the idea for this build. I changed it and modified it to how I though it would be better.

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Build:R/any Poisonous Interrupter

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