could you please clarify your rating on this? the thing you said about the snares makes zero sense (snares PREVENT kiting!! that's why they're there!), you obviously haven't read the notes on the famine spirit, and i said on the talk page to tell me anything that could easily be fixed (aka monk bars). You seem pretty biased towards zergway... and you could have at least given it some innovation points. i would really like to know how i can make this better. thanks in advance, --ZamaneeJinn 11:58, 5 July 2007 (CEST)

I agree with you ZamaneeJinn. What do you call Siphon Speed? It is essentially a 66% debuff. Barbs is not a bad idea however. I don't know about monks though... But famine does provide massive dps with this. ~~ User Frvwfr2 signature frvwfr2 (talk · contributions) 12:05, 5 July 2007 (CEST)

What i'd do, is something totally different. Go for heavy-dps though locaster's fury, barbs and bonds. Famine and stuff ain't worth taking as elite, since you can do alot better. Srry for the typo's...

3 Flurry/Locaster's Sins

Utility(1 with dash, other 2 with expose/siphon speed) | Locaster's Fury | Critical Eye | Flurry | Golden otus Strike | Horns Of The Ox | Impale | Rez sign |

1 Barbs/totally-anti-monk build

Deadly Paradox | Shadow Shroud | Barbs | Mark of Death | Mark of Pain | Rend Enchantments | Dash | Rez sign |

1 Snare elementalist

Water Trident | Freezing Gust | Frozen Burst | Blurred Vision | Unnatural Signet | Signet of Humility(3 secs = risky, but divert pwns in tha face) | Water attu | Rez sign |

Monk/Necro boring bonder

Order of The Vampire | Blood Renewal?? | Strength And Honor | Life Bond | Balthazar's Spirit | Blessed Signet | Shield Of Absorbation | Aegis |

dunno if this bar is managble, but i suppose it is. You'll be standing way out of range all the time.

Monk lod:

Light of Deliverance | Infuse Health | Orison Of Healing | Dwayna's Kiss | Draw Conditions | Healing Seed | Holy Veil | Channeling |

Monk Rc:

Reversal of Fortune | Shield of Absorbation | Spirit Bond | Restore Condition | Gift of Health | Guardian/shielding hands | Holy Veil | Channeling

This build has a very weak defence, so you'll have to drop your targets fast. Let the snarer snare more offencive then defencive since it's very important for the damage. Relic runs in halls will be a pity, since dash ain't a good speed boost, but you can't take mutch else..

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