A hammer build that can easily take down any enemy kiter or do alot of spike damage through Q-Knocking (Quarter Knocking-To knock a player down, and knock them down again before they can even cast a 1/4 cast time spell.)

Attributes and Skills

<pvxbig> [build prof=Warrior/Any Hammer=12+1+1 Strength=12+1][Enraged Smash][Crushing Blow][Bull's Strike][Hammer Bash][Flail][Rush][Signet of Strength][Resurrection Signet][/build] </pvxbig>


  • Armor
 Any Max Armor
 Survivor's Insignia x4
 Stonefist Insignia x1 (Use on Head, Gloves, or Boots so only 5hp will be lost.)
 Warrior Rune of Minor Hammer Mastery
 Warrior Rune of Minor Strength
 Rune of Restoration
 Rune of Clarity
  • Weapons
 A Max Vampiric Hammer of Fortitude 15%^50% (Requires 13 or Below)
 A Furios Spear of Anything (Only the Furios mod needs to be maxed.) 


Start off by selecting the healer or the class that would most likely kite you, such as a ranger with a bow or spear, or any general spellcaster if not a healer. Now, use Signet of Strength and use Enraged Smash on the Kiter, and while youre chasing the Kiter, use Rush to catch it. Now, your kiter is knocked down, and thanks to Enraged Smash, you also have enough adrenal to suffice. Next, use Crushing Blow. Now we wait for the Kiter to get up, right when theyre on their feet, use Hammer Bash, which you should have enough adrenal for by now, and it's knocked down again. Now use Enraged Smash again, and the kiter will be dead, or close to it. If they aren't dead, just use Bull's Strike to keep them from living any longer, or much longer, though, they should be dead by now with all the constant auto attacks. If fighting melee and just want spiking, use Hammer Bash to knock target down, and use Crushing Blow for an attack. Just use the other two attacks skills as spike damage instead of knockdowns, because a melee wont heal unless they have a noob build. Also use hammer bash for interrupts.


 No Healer in group.
 Being the main target of a group and getting spiked to death in 4 seconds.


 Using Death Pact Signet instead of Resurrection Signet when needed.
 Using a Zealous Hammer instead of a Vampiric one.


 Use the spear when you cant get too close. 
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